2/366 – Rainy ATX Day – Chandra

It’s been raining on and off, today. I love the rain. Cold enough for us to leave our fireplace burning all day. I loaded this roll of film yesterday and when into the backyard for a little freelensing action to burn through the roll. I’m thinking a quasy economical way of doing this 366 with film is going for a roll a week. I’ll post from this roll throughout this next week and so on.
These are Kodak 100Tmax, shot with an old school manual focus nikon f. Looks like it was a bacro kind of day across the land. :-)
Only 2 days in and I have 50+ pics from yesterday and today. LOL Oh well, need to figure out a way to stay organized.
rainy-day-atx-chandraachberger-2016film, 100tmas, 35mm2-366-32-366-4