3/366 – Black and White – Chandra


3/366 Black and White – Chandra #photogher366 #nexus6p #nature #atx We’re #playingwithlight over at #photogher.com, this month. Looking for shadows and shimmers of #light, no better place to find that than in a reflection. When I was a kid we had one of these birds, in our itty-bitty backyard on Morris Place. It came to us as many of our “pets” did… Saved by my dad from tiny apartments in NYC. Well intentioned Easter gifts, chicks and bunnies who’d outgrown apartment living. (We’re talking the 70’s and 80’s y’all, PETA folks calm down.) So, they came to live with us. I still don’t even know what type of bird this is? I just remember how ugly I thought it was compared to the others. Now I see the beauty in all that’s atypical and so much of the unexpected. I get caught up in things naturally #blackandwhite.

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