Analogue and Digital Shooting in Manual – Cheat Sheet {basics}

You’re here and ready to tell your story through photographs. This month we’re focusing on the different ways to play with light. At some point on this photography journey, many of us switch over to manual mode with digital cameras or shoot with film cameras aka analogue. We all know there are a lot of moving parts to getting the results you want to achieve with each photograph.
When it comes to challenging light sources, being comfortable with your camera and making it do what you want it to do, takes practice. This year we’re diving into creating some space in our lives for getting better at this craft, telling better stories of our families and moments. Making space for ourselves to dive deep into this art form. Each month with have a focus (no pun intended). There will be little to no talk about gear, you can find lots and lots of information about gear on the interwebs. We’ll be sharing mainly about the creative process, along with resources on how to get there.
The posts other than the daily photos from each of us will be labeled as this one is above with a level (i.e. {basic}, {intermediate}, {advanced}). The idea here is to have fun, create a community where you can discover your voice – through photos. The emphasis will be throughout the year on the creative aspect of photography. We understand the “rules” and sometimes they’ll be followed and sometimes not.
Here’s an amazing infographic that pretty much lines out all the basics. Even if you shoot digital exclusively this all applies to taking great photos. Even with my cell phone I think about the “size” or shape that I want the final composition to be, just as I do when choosing film. Same for ISO you get to choose and should know what the different ISO look like from any camera you can control that. Some great reminders at the bottom and can be printed out:
The manual photographers cheat sheet infographic

This wonderful infographic was made by the wonderful folks across the pond at:

Printable version: photographers-cheat-sheet.