Chandra ___/366 February 23, 2016 at 04:48AM 16 of 28 Blackout Poetry #28tomake @creativelive #photogher366 #atxlife
The Solution…Test!
Coax more from fewer, without sacrificing variety.
Foolproof smart techniques.
Discover the power of you.
From cocktail hour to the dinner table — our addictive and perfect companion to make and transform in unexpected ways.
Layer company-worthy fun and take on time.
Bypass the tedious process but still produce.
Prove that you really can do a lot with a little.
Create far more.
28 to Make.
All made!
LOL my first attempt at Blackout Poetry :-) you can tell my brain has been working, for the past few weeks on sales copy for my 2016 creative escapes and workshops. All true though.
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