Chandra 9/366

via Instagram #photogher366 Winter Blooms 9/366 – Chandra #olympus #mirrorless #frosty #flowers #atx #atxlife Much to the husband’s chagrin — It’s winter, here in #Austin, #Texas. This second round of sunflowers decided to pop out during a warm spell here in late autumn. They’re not as tall, nor are they as colorful as the […]

Chandra 8/366

via Instagram #photogher366 It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn 8/366 – Chandra #sunrise #atx #atxlife #trees in the hood #nexus6p #android #photography

Chandra 07/366

via Instagram #photogher366 All the Pretty Scars 7/366 – Chandra #trees #lightningstrike old #oak #olympus #mirrorless Needlesstosay I was captivated by the giant oak brought down by a lightning strike. The dirt that surrounds her is as dark as night. Rich and glimmers with every ray of light.

Chandra 6/366

via Instagram #photogher366 Burned and Still Beautiful 6/366 #olympus #mirrorless #trees in the hood Stumbled over this lightning struck oak last week. Even charred and toppled down to the ground, there’s still beauty to be found here.

Blam 5/366: Brrrrrr…It’s Cold in Here!

Oh frostbite, we hit 53 freezing degrees today. With cloud cover and wind, so let’s say it feels like a solid 50. It. Was. Cold. No lie, I was shivering at the park. When did my blood thin out? My PNW self would laugh my Florida self out of the room right now. I don’t […]

Blam 4/366: Florida Winter

I dare say it was brisk today! Sunny and Florida-esque, but distinctly chillier than our norm, which is to say that we needed sleeves. People often joke that Floridians have two seasons:  Summer and January. So, here’s to January and the closest thing to winter we might have this year! Excuse me while I grab […]

JJ {3/366} Sunlit Frost

Less than 48 hours before this image was taken, I was in 85 degree weather sunning myself on a Hawaiian beach.  Quite the contrast, but a stunning one! Pacific Northwest, your sun ups and downs are breathtaking!

JJ {2/366} One Light

Doing newborn lifestyle shoots in client’s homes often requires creativity and movement of furniture to find the light. It’s par for course!  Although studio lighting might be soft, even, and predictable, I prefer the challenge and emotive nature of using available light to create images in a person’s home.  I am attending PHOTO CAMP in […]