3/366 – Black and White – Chandra

  3/366 Black and White – Chandra #photogher366 #nexus6p #nature #atx We’re #playingwithlight over at, this month. Looking for shadows and shimmers of #light, no better place to find that than in a reflection. When I was a kid we had one of these birds, in our itty-bitty backyard on Morris Place. It came […]

Blam 3/366: Charm

Our house was originally built in 1960.  There’s been upgrades and additions since, but there’s still little, quirky reminders of it’s true age that lend to it’s adorable charm and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2/366 – Rainy ATX Day – Chandra

It’s been raining on and off, today. I love the rain. Cold enough for us to leave our fireplace burning all day. I loaded this roll of film yesterday and when into the backyard for a little freelensing action to burn through the roll. I’m thinking a quasy economical way of doing this 366 with […]

Blam 2/366: Bacro in Effect

Yes, yes, y’all… Cloudy skies actually make for perfect Bacro (macro with the lens flipped backwards) conditions! Got to go for a FREE mani/pedi today, aka awesomesauce Christmas present, so naturally I came home and crawled around in the dirt with my camera.  All for art, people, all for art.  Happy Saturday!

1/366 | Onward – Chandra

1/366 | Onward – Chandra #photogher366 #PlayingWithLight #film #ilfordhp4 #darkroom #trees on the hood. Sometimes it’s all a blur. Today was one of those days. 3 steps back, forward. No, that’s not the dyslexia talking, it was just one of dem days. Jerry rigged my scanner and determined to get my post in before I […]

JJ {1/366} Sparkle On!

I’m not really sure how it has been FOUR years since we went down this photography road together. Regardless, I’m excited that we are on it again! I am excited to become an active observer on a daily basis. I am looking forward to reading light constantly again. Thrilled to feel close too my friends […]

Blam 1/366: Is the Mic on?

Testing…1,2,3…Testing…1,2,3… Oh snap, we’re back!  Or were we ever gone? We’re starting the year with “Light” and since it’s been a rainy, take-down-Christmas kind of day, I found a fun reflection that in my mind looks like the moon’s reflection, but it’s not.  Or is it? Here’s to the journey PhotogHers!

Guide to Natural Light | Photography {basics}

We’re spending this month with a focus on the different types of light. After all, there’s no photography without light. No matter where you are on your photography journey playing with light is what this is all about. Below are a few resources about the different types of natural light and what to expect while […]

Analogue and Digital Shooting in Manual – Cheat Sheet {basics}

You’re here and ready to tell your story through photographs. This month we’re focusing on the different ways to play with light. At some point on this photography journey, many of us switch over to manual mode with digital cameras or shoot with film cameras aka analogue. We all know there are a lot of moving […]